csp course


CSP is a Certification Program that provides a systematic framework approach to equip any consultative sales professional with a range of essential competencies to be an effective and efficient sales professional.

The Certified Sales Professional (CSP) Program goes beyond the technicalities of making a sale and goes deep into the psychology of it by explaining the cycle a client goes through when in the purchase process, how to speak directly to clients’ needs and how to communicate with clients in the manner in which they want to be communicated with.

Providing participants with not only a vehicle to acquire knowledge and alter beliefs, these programs will also include practice and skills to meet the time demands of busy professionals, each session of both these programs are designed to be a modular mini-course which participants can enter and exit training at any time instead of waiting months for the next session to start.

Certified Sales Professional “CSLP” is a certification for professionals who demonstrate knowledge, skills and competencies in sales and business development as per the requirements of the Canadian College for Leadership & Management “CCLM”.

CSLP’s are experts in leads generation and deals closure. They make excellent sales pitches, read their clients body signs smartly, develop great proposals and present them with a wow effect. CSLP becomes the sales professional around the world

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